Our Story

We're a subscription-based t-shirt service originating in Southern California. We are a group of t-shirt aficionados with countless years of experience in the clothing industry. We believe that the t-shirt is the foundation of your everyday style and that without it style could not evolve. So, with an eye for fashion and successful experience in tech startups, Club Brando was born.

Club Brando’s mission is to make members feel good about their shirt, not only through its quality but through philanthropy as well. Just as a shirt enhances your way of life, we want to enhance the lives of others in a different way. Club Brando has committed to donating a portion of the profits for every purchase sold to a non profit organization of your choice each month.


"Hi, I’m Peter founder of Club Brando. When I started CB, I wanted more than just a clothing club. Just like a shirt enhances your way of life I wanted to create a company that also enhanced the lives of others in a different way. Someone who understands hardship and what it means to work your way up to achieve your goals; it has become my passion to do whatever I can to help others feel great about themselves. That’s why we’ve committed to give a percentage to a charity of with every monthly purchase we deliver. We want to impact the world through providing as much help possible while still aiming to become a widely successful house brand name."